I finally found out how to make moving platforms and other things with Unity's animation system. It takes a little while, but is well worth it. And I used my new knowledge to create a prototype boss battlefield instance--- minus the boss, NPCs, and coding, of course--- That will come later. The boss here, though, I have decided will be a Chaos-corrupted Aura researcher. He/she will be able to use magic-like Chaos attacks, probably based on actual Aura skills. Anyway, on to the pictures!


Here's the boss's platform, as seen from the moving rock that lets you get between it and the other large floating rock. The X, though not final, is a texture on a spinning non-colliding plane, so it spins and looks really cool. The particles appear on the outside and appear to be sucked into the center--- also really cool-looking.


Here it is again, along with the smaller moving rock, as seen from the second large floating rock (part of which is visible in the bottom left-hand corner). It makes a trail of pretty Creativity sparklies that drift downwards slowly.


And finally, a closeup on the spinning plane and the center of the particle system. The orb in the center is the result of the particles converging in the center of the spinning "x" texture.