One thousand years ago, a battle was fought. On one side were the First Builders, empowered by their creativity and imagination. On the other side were the enigmatic Enemy and their servants, wielding shadowy Chaos Energy. 999,999 years ago, that battle was won. The First Builders sealed the Enemy within a web of Power Crystal and pure Creativity, deep below the surface of the moon of Acrea that the Enemy called home. The web was gradually covered in rock and dust, and eventually forgotten.

Acrea and formerly corrupted moon were peaceful. Builders and inventors created new and wondrous creations, explorers found mysterious and beautiful new islands, and Acrean civilizations flourished… but then one day, on the dark moon, miners encountered a huge deposit of Power Crystal. Oblivious to the dark presences below, the miners began rapidly extracting the energy-rich material.

…But then they hit bottom. The ancient seal was broken, and they were obliterated, along with the rest of the mine and all life in the nearby area. A great chasm opened in the moon’s surface, a malevolent red and purple light shone from the inside, shards of Chaos shot out, and the creatures that were imprisoned so long ago slowly emerged. They easily destroyed the few defenseless, unprepared settlements on the moon and began to gather back the strength that they had lost over the hundreds of thousands of years, forming a plan to dominate Acrea, while the Chaos shards floated ever closer to the Minifigures’ planet…

Meanwhile, Acrea was preparing for war. They built laser turrets and powerful energy cannons. They studied ancient fighting arts and created futuristic armor suits. They learned how to manipulate the energies of nature itself with the power of their creativity They gathered the greatest legion of Minifigures ever formed: the Alliance of Acrea. And they learned something that the Enemy didn’t know: Along with the Enemy, many huge shards of pure crystalline Creativity had been released in the cataclysm…

And so, the two sides are gaining power. The battle is heating up. The Acrean Alliance is sending out the call. Are you ready, recruit?

Because the place is here. The time is now.

Go get 'em, newbie.

About the stuff in the story:Edit

Novexis' moon:

Alien environment. Very dark and mostly maroon in color naturally. Rocky and bare but had some interesting natural life forms. However, all these life forms were either annihilated or transformed into minions of the shadows.


A light blue, oxygen Gas Giant planet with many rocky chunks floating in its atmosphere. They are assumed to have begun to levitate when a developing Acrea encountered a cloud of creative energy. They now float high in the planet's atmosphere, their bottom sides glowing with blue energy and their top sides often lush with greenery.

Power crystal:

A crystal-like material full of energy that can be used as a power source. It can contain almost any substance or creature if made into a sealed container, and is extremely strong if built into anything, but is inexplicably easy to mine.

the Enemy

Evil chaos beings. They will stop at nothing to destroy or infect anything created with or involving Creativity.

Novexis Alliance:

The main force of good in LNoAO. It is a large group of well-trained Minifigures dedicated to the eradication of the Enemy that is threatening Novexis. They are split into three Divisions, the ImaginateAura, and Obsidian.



You are on a space ferry back to Novexis from (evil moon). The camera suddenly shakes and turns back to the rear windows where you see a huge, glowing crack opening up in (evil moon.) Pieces of rock fly out, and one hits the ferry. Its controlled reentry quickly turns into a chaotic spiral, and it crash-lands on a small island, barely sliding to a stop on the edge of a cliff, avoiding falling down into the deep, boiling cloud layer below. The camera looks back into the sky, and you see (evil moon), almost split in half by the great chasm, glowing and pulsating ominously...


If anybody has an idea for the name of the evil moon and the orange mineral, you can post it in the comments.