Specialty Kits are Armor Sets issued to members of the Alliance of Acrea based on their Division specialty. These kits come in three ranks:

Rank one: Issued for free to Acrean Alliance recruits. These armor sets only include a weapon, a hat or helmet, pants, and a shirt and have weak abilities. It is advised to only wear these kits for the achievements, on peaceful worlds or areas, or in battle against the weaker servants of the Enemy, as most of them are not very well suited to heavy combat.

Rank Two: Issued to Acrean Alliance recruits who show potential to be great, and have thus been given official full member status from their Division. This armor set includes a piece of gear for all gear slots, and is quite a bit more powerful than the Rank One kit, however one cannot expect to be able to beat the Enemy's strongest servants with this kit. Wearing some pieces of your Rank Two Specialty Kit is recommended, but it may be more beneficial to mix and match than to wear all the pieces of your Division-issued kit.

Rank Three: Rank Three kits are only provided to champion Alliance members who have proven themselves worthy of the Rank Three kit's level of power, and even to such Minifigures they are sold for a high price. Rank Three kits are extremely powerful, and, like the Rank Two kit, include gear for every slot. Only with these kits, and Elite Weapons, can a Minifigure hope to defeat the most powerful of the Enemy's monsters, but rumor has it that due to the rising power of the Enemy's servants, the Imaginate's secret division is developing even more powerful weapons and armor...

Elite Weapons: For each Division Specialty there will eventually be two Elite Weapons, extremely powerful two-handed weapons. Elite Weapons' chargeups are the same as their corresponding Rank Three Weapon's chargeup, but their damage and offhand abilities change, becoming more powerful.

List of Current Division Specialty KitsEdit