Sorcus Balkon is a former Aura Enchanter who was corrupted during a battle and transformed into a servant of The Enemy with powers like those of a strong Enchanter, but appearing darker and reddish-orange due to being powered by Chaos instead of Creativity. He is the first major boss you encounter, and is on a rock island, apparently charging up his Chaos energy. Andar the Blue gives you a mission to go to this rock island and stop him from (whatever he's trying to do.)

Boss FightEdit

The Sorcus Balkon Battle is a three-person instance. When you land in the instance, you find yourself on a rock island with two unnamed Aura members concentrating on keeping a small rock moving between your larger "island" and the other one. On this rock, you see a mysterious, glowing orange, evil-looking Minifigure with a wizard hat. He seems to be sucking in Chaos energy. Around his island, a few small rock chunks are hovering in midair.

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Sorcus's island, minus Sorcus Balkon himself, as seen from the rock that transports you between it and the other large rock. The particles appear to be generated on the outside and sucked into the center.