A Note from Mvp333

Considering what has happened to LNA, I have found that this page will be necessary so that I can track how similar this game becomes to LEGO Universe and make tweaks if necessary. If you find a similarity or major difference that I didn't notice, feel free to edit this page and add it.

Similarities to LUEdit

-Uses LEGO stuff, and Minifigures.

-Involves floating islands, though in a slightly different way.

-Involves Creativity, which is basically a somewhat recolored, more powerful form of Imagination.

-Has an Alliance of Acrea, which is in fact much like the Nexus Force, with three (No longer four!) divisions, one involving builders and one that is medieval-themed.

-Uses Modular Gliders, which are somewhat like LU's rockets.

-Vendor stands are likely to be of the same style.

-Main enemy colors may include purple.

-Some plants will have a fantastical, somewhat cartoonish style.

-Will involve quickbuilds.

Major DifferencesEdit

-Enemies are not led by a single force, rather a group of beings known simply as The Enemy.

-The wizard-like Aura division, and the lack of Pirate/Explorer and Ninja themes in the Novexis Alliance divisions.

-Uses Gliders rather than rockets.

-Floating islands are not a result of the cataclysm--- they are naturally floating chunks of rock inside the atmosphere of a gas giant.

-The islands (obviously) are not in outer space, as mentioned above.

-No holiday worlds. Not only would they not make sense for story reasons, but also they are often extremely cheesy.

-There will not be water surrounding most of the islands--- in fact, the pirate world will be composed of multiple floating islands connected by nothing but wisps of pure Creativity…

-The pirates do not use regular boats, which would make no sense. Instead, they use sky ships somewhat like Ninjago’s flying ship, the Destiny’s Bounty.