Mycelia is the world that you arrive on third, after you leave Drake Isle, and go to the Acrean Alliance central island. From there, you are sent on a mission to assist the Alliance in Mycelia to prove that you are "true Acrean Alliance material."
Mycelia Village 3

Pre-Alpha Mycelia Village. The temporary portal at the end of the pathway leads to a testing world that will not appear outside of alpha.

Mycelia is an island mostly covered in rock, with some types of mushroom scattered in various places, including some huge ones embedded in the world's numerous cliff walls. Minifigures originally inhabited  most of the island, but after a large Chaos shard became embedded in it, many parts of it became overrun by Chaos Servants under the command of a newly-created Prime Body. Only one small village remained, protected by the power of a Creativity shard that had landed nearby and was set over a small water pool in the village's center. The rest of the world is rocky and somewhat infected by Chaos, with some Chaos Servants wandering around. The ruins of one other village are still visible, however it was infected and quickly fell into a state of ruin. All of the Minifigures that once lived in it either ran away or were transformed into Servants of the Enemy.


  • The one surviving Mycelia Village
  • The Creativity Crystal's crash site, Crash Crater
  • The Ruins of Amanita Village
  • The Prime Body, a gigantic mushroom that was growing where the Chaos Shard impacted. It became corrupted and as a result obtained some degree of sentience. It began producing mushroom-like Chaos monsters in an attempt to overrun all Minifigure presence of the island.


  • Mycelia's name comes from "mycelium," a term for many fungi's complicated rootlike system of thin, fiber-like structures.