The Jetstream Archipelago is a world in LEGO Novexis Alliance Online. It will be composed of multiple islands at different altitudes, the larger three of which are inhabited by various bands of pirates, two of which are normal Minifigures and the other one being inhabited by Chaos Servants that are reanimated pirates. Unlike most worlds, the Archipelago is located between two island groups: the Alpha Ring and the Dragon Formation.


Cloudgust IslandEdit

Cloudgust Island is a forested island with only a few rocky areas.

Windswept Port- A small port that serves as the base for the Cloudgust Pirates. This area resembles a beach, with dunes and a few small rocks. Most major vendors and some other NPCs for the Cloudgust Pirates are located here.

Zephyr Forest- A forest of bluish trees. Near the Gnarled Ledge, the trees become darker and bigger and some are infected with Chaos, giving them a slight but ominous bluish-purple glow. There is a small Cloudgust Pirate camp in the Zephyr Forest, containing three NPCs, two of which are quest givers. A large tree there contains the Cloudgust Treasure Chest.

Gnarled Ledge- A dark, rocky area with a cliff at one end and one side of the Zephyr Forest on the other. One Chaos-infected sky ship is docked to the cliff side of Gnarled Ledge and Chaos Pirates wielding knives emerge from that ship. Two other Chaos Ships are visible floating out beyond the cliff. Much further away, a shadowlike silohouette of Shadowpeak Island is visible.

Galestorm IslandEdit

Galestorm Island is a sunny, mostly pleasant island with the only heavily Chaos-infected area being the caves under the ground.

Downdraft Landing- A small port and village that serves as a base for the Galestorm Pirates. There is a crashed Sky Ship that has been rebuilt into a store in the middle of this area. Most of the major vendors and NPCs for the Galestorm Pirates are here.

Sunwind Plains- A desertlike area with cacti and Imagination Crystals sticking out of the ground, with some patches of grass and scrubby bushes. There are a few large trees as well. The path through this area branches out. One path leads to a bridge to a small island with another village, and the other leads to a cave. As you walk down the cave-bound path, you will notice that some of the crystals become somewhat more purple due to the Chaos infection.

Howling Caves- A system of four small caves that loops around and goes under the Sunwind Plains. One cave branches from the path and contains the Galestorm Treasure Chest, guarded by cannon-wielding Chaos Pirates. The other three caves are mostly empty besides some Chaos Pirates, except for the last one, which has a small ledge jutting out from the island's side. There is a Chaos Sky Ship with sword-wielding Chaos Pirates emerging from it docked to this ledge. Another two are visible hovering outside. Far away, a shadowlike silohouette of Shadowpeak Island is visible

Shadowpeak IslandEdit

Shadowpeak Island was once a mysterious but uninfected forested mountain island, inhabited by the Shadowpeak Pirates, but a large Chaos shard crashed directly on top of it, splitting the mountain in half and infecting the whole island. Now all the trees are gone, and Shadowpeak Island is a barren wasteland, with only jagged, glowing crystal shards protruding from the dark rock. The Enemy preserved the Shadowpeak Sky Pirates' ships with their power, however, and transformed the Pirates themselves into zombielike Chaos Pirates. Now the Chaos Pirates wander among the rocks, ambushing any traveler daring, or foolish, enough to set foot on the shadowy sky island.

Outpost- There is a Minifigure outpost near the edge of the island. It is inhabited by Novexis Alliance members as well as a few pirates.

Barren Rocklands- The main part of this island is just barren, rocky areas. There are some glowing, tall Chaos Shards, and a few ruins, otherwise there are no areas of interest here besides maybe an unlucky Minifigure's skeleton or two. There are Chaos Pirates wielding knives, swords, pistols, and cannons wandering around here randomly.

Twister Peak- Twister Peak is what gives this island its name. It is a mountain with a path winding around it in the shape of a spiral, with some larger areas guarded by various Chaos Pirates. At the summit is a large, black gate. It is unknown what is behind this gate, although ominous, echoing growls and grumbles are sometimes heard through it...


  • Knife-wielding Chaos Pirates: The weakest type of Chaos Pirate, they are relatively easy to kill and their attacks are mild compared to some other types.
  • Sword-wielding Chaos Pirates: An intermediate-strength type of Chaos Pirate.
  • Pistol-wielding Chaos Pirates: Have a very small amount of health, but they have a ranged attack, making them an annoying, but intermediate-strength, enemy.
  • Cannon-wielding Chaos Pirate: Same health as the Sword-Wielding Chaos Pirate, and have a very powerful ranged attack. Deadly in numbers, dangerous in single combat.
  • Captain: There is believed to be a Chaos Pirate Captain behind the black gate at the summit of Twister Peak. His power level is unknown, but almost certainly extremely high...


  • Galestorm Isle and Gnarled Ledge are references to Gail Storm, a concept for LEGO Universe's Hael Storm, and Gnarled Forest, LU's pirate world.