"My birthplace is a cold, snowy land... but a wonderland by no means."- Seniri Rathanur Template:World info

The currently-unnamed Ice Wasteland World is a cold, wintry world. After a rain of Chaos shard splinters fell over much of the island, most of the native animal life was corrupted and turned into servants of the Enemy, and will now attack anything containing significant amounts of Creativity... such as Minifigures. Only a few small settlements and areas remain untainted, but as the Chaos energy permeates deeper into the island's core, even those parts are threatened. This island is also Seniri Rathanur's homeland.

Possible enemiesEdit

  • Ice spiders: Small, normally harmless spiders corrupted and enlarged by the power of Chaos.
  • Ice Serpents: Warm-blooded but serpentine creatures that burrow under the thick layer of permafrost and lay in wait of prey. After the Chaos infection, they have become even more aggressive than usual.
  • Dark Blizzards: Large, tornado-like formations of Chaos energy that can hurl large hailstones at you. These hailstones will knock you down and cause a large amount of damage.