The First Builders were ancient, powerful Minifigure-like blue and green energy entities with bodies composed of Creativity. They sealed the Enemy into the core of Novexis's moon, using the energy of Creativity and the holding power of Power Crystal to prevent the entities' escape. The First Builders now only rarely appear to correct things that are not supposed to happen and to prevent the Enemy from winning the war completely. Their forms are slowly weakening and fading, and they know that the Minifigures cannot depend on them forever, so rather than winning the war for the Minifigures again, they instead intervene in minor, indirect ways. An exception to this, Antares Mirach, found an artifact known as the Tesseract of the Imaginative, which provides a constant source of Creativity that prevents him from fading.

Like the Enemy, the First Builders are capable of shapeshifting into more solid forms, but unlike them, due to the nature of Creativity, the First Builders can transform without losing any power. However, the Builders cannot keep their solid forms forever, and have to return to their energy-like state after two or three weeks at most, otherwise they run the risk of fading out of existence completely. Antares' artifact also renders him immune to this.