Drake Isle is a small island on Acrea. The island is home to some small but aggressive Blue Drakes, as well as a few butterflies and other creatures, however there are no Minifigures native to this island. It is also the starting world for the game.


After the Breaking of the Seal, a small fragment of Power Crystal from the seal hits one of the wings of a small two-person sky transport, causing it to crash-land on a small, uninhabited island. When you regain conciousness, you find yourself in front of the ship's pilot, John Skywing, with no memory of what happened recently. John explains that the transport, bound for the Alliance headquarters to delever you there for training, was hit by an unknown object, forcing him to bring it down on the island. He then tells you to smash various parts of the smashed vessel, and collect four Inspiration Sparks from them.When you return, you are granted your Creativity bar, with a starter maximum capacity of 6. You are then instructed to smash 3 unusually aggravated Blue Drakes, which John find rather frightening. When you come back to him, he thanks you and gives you parts for a basic Glider and instructs you to build it. Upon showing him the glider, he congratulates you and tells you to quickbuild a bouncer from some other ship parts, bounce to an abandoned launchpad, and launch to the Alliance central world, which is currently unnamed.




Drake Isle

Creativity Unleashed - A Smash Hit - Angry Drakes - Click, Snap and Kaboom - Fly To (World name unknown.)!
John Skywing
Blue Drake