Creativity is a type of blue/green plasma-like energy that can be controlled by minifigures as well as machines. It is also used as a power source for machinery. In gameplay, it will take the standard role of Mana, Energy, etc.

Crystalline formEdit

Creativity also has a crystalline form. It appears transparent light blue in this form and can be used to conduct Creativity's energy form. Crystalline Creativity can be found naturally in impure forms in the interior of some islands, and can also be created artificially, however the process by which Minifigures currently are capable of doing this is somewhat inefficient. Crystalline Creativity has the power to disrupt Chaos Energy near it, and it is believed that if pure Crystalline Creativity and its Chaos counterpart were somehow made to be in contact with each other, they would annihilate each other in a massive explosion. A rare, pure piece, originating in the Seal of the First Builders, landed in Mycelia, and now hovers over the central pool in Mycelia Village.


Creativity in-game is a meter which every player gains after they complete the mission Creativity Unleashed. All players start with a maximum of 6, but they can get more by various means, including gear which has Creativity bonuses, special missions, etc.

Uses Edit

The small sparks of Creativity that come from smashing enemies and Smashables are called Inspiration Sparks. They restore between 1 and 3 Creativity points.
Inspiration Spark

An Inspiration Spark.

Amorphous Bricks Edit

Main Article: Amorphous Brick

Amorphous Bricks are constructs of pure Creativity that can be shaped into various types of Brick.  Like Inspiration Sparks, they drop from enemies and Smashables, but far more rarely.


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