The group of malevolent energy beings known as Chaos are the primary adversary of the First Builders, and the Minifigures of Acrea. Though they are immensely powerful, they usually prefer to infect and control other beings rather than directly intervening. They are capable of controlling living animals, as well as dead Minifigures and other sentients. They can influence some living sentient life-forms to a certain extent, but they cannot control their actions completely. They can also shapeshift, but since this drains them, they generally select a single form that they happen to like, usually a gigantic reptilian body such as a dragon, and keep it for a very long period of time. When the First Builders sealed the Enemy into Novexis's moon, they forced the beings to assume their natural energy state, however, when they were broken out of their prison, they reassumed tangible forms.

The Chaos Creatures themselves will be bosses in the game, and their controlled, often zombie-like minions will be the main enemies.