"Bricks and construction are all good and fine, however pure Creativity is a powerful force not to be underestimated."- Andar the Blue

Aura is a wizard-themed Division of the Alliance of Acrea. Its specialties are based on various kinds of magic-like Creativity manipulation. Like the Imaginate, Aura studies the power of Creativity, but rather than using it to build with and manipulate bricks, they focus on controlling its pure energy form. The most powerful members of the Aura division can in some cases even use the power of Chaos to their advantage. These abilities are restricted to Rank Three players, and even they don't have complete control over those energies. The only person to be capable of complete Chaos control is Aura's leader, Seniri Rathanur. An Aura member was responsible for the invention of Message Obelisks.

Color schemeEdit

Aura's color scheme will be brown, gold, white dark grey, blue, and transparent blue or lime green.


Known MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit