The Archer is a division specialty for Obsidian.

Rank Three Archer.

Rank 1Edit

  • Archer1Concept

    Archer Rank 1 concept.

    Archer's Bow 1
  • Archer's Headgear 1
  • Archer's Shirt 1
  • Archer's Pants 1

Rank 2Edit

  • Archer2Concept

    Archer Rank 2 Concept.

    Archer's Bow 2
  • Archer's Quiver 2
  • Archer's Headgear 2
  • Archer's Knife 2
  • Archer's Shirt 2
  • Archer's Pants 2

Rank 3Edit

  • Archer3Concept

    Archer Rank 3 Concept.

    Archer's Bow 3
  • Archer's Quiver 3
  • Archer's Headgear 3
  • Archer's Knife 3
  • Archer's Shirt 3
  • Archer's Pants 3



Spread Shot: Shoots five arrows in a fan shape.| Damage: 2 each (R1) 3 each (R2) 4 each (R3)| Cost: 4 Creativity


Missile Arrow: Shoots a missile-like arrow that damages the nearest enemy when it hits with a small AoE. Also knocks back the enemy it hits directly. 5 second cooldown.| Damage: 3 (R1) 4 (R2) 5 (R3)| Cost: 5 Creativity


Knife Slash: Damages enemies in melee range three times. .5 second cooldown.| Damage: 1-1-3 (R2) 1-3-3 (R3)| Cost: none, much like a regular melee weapon.

Neck (Rank Three Only)Edit

Assist Orb: Creates a small Creativity orb that follows you around like a pet and shoots energy arrows that do either 2 or 3 damage. The orb dissipates after 30 seconds (Subject to change), and has a short cooldown period after firing 6 arrows. 15-second cooldown.|Cost: 8 Creativity.


  • When you shoot or charge the Archer's Bow, your off-hand item disappears and your minifigure's left hand moves to the back of the bow. It takes about a second for your left-hand item's model to reappear just in case you plan on firing more arrows.
  • The Archer's Rank Three helmet is planned to have a small, glowing yellow or orange crosshairs symbol floating just in front of the right side of its visor. This is similar to the Rank 1 Space Marauder from LEGO Universe, although the Space Marauder's crosshairs are on the left side, unlike the Archer's.