"Where there are parts, there is potential."- Antares Mirach

Antares Mirach is a First Builder and the leader of the Imaginate Division. Unlike other First Builders, he does not suffer from the "diminishing" effect that has indirectly forced most of the others to live in hiding. He also does not run the risk of fading if he keeps a solid from for too long. This is because of an artifact, the Tesseract of the Imaginative, that provides a strong, constant source of Creativity that keeps him sustained as long as he and the Tesseract are on or near the same island. Unfortunately, this means that he cannot leave the vicinity of the Creator's Plaza for an extended period of time without bringing the Tesseract with him.


  • Antares and Mirach are both stars, in Scorpio and Andromeda respectively.
  • Antares also indirectly helped with the creation of the Alliance of Acrea by destroying three servants of The Enemy that he found sneaking around near the Source Alpha Creativity purification plant during the construction of the four Division Worlds that would've caused it to collapse.
  • Antares is the only First Builder in the Acrean Alliance.