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Alliance of Acrea Online is currently in the planning phase, however some experimental prototype worlds have been created. Note that few or none of the screenshots you see are of content that is final and confirmed to be in the full release.

Want to Contribute?

  • If you can make 3D Models (such as in Blender), Code in C# or UnityScript and are proficient with Unity, Compose Music (on programs such as Noteflight or Sibelius), create 2D art in a program such as Photoshop, or if you are a builder (please note, however, that we have rather high standards regarding building) please request to join on Mvp333's Wall page.
  • If you cannot do any of these things but still wish to contribute, you may post any ideas you have in a blog post. Please only post serious ideas.

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  • If you are new to wikis, check out the tutorial.
  • If you plan on adding some pictures to this wiki, keep in mind that pictures with the PNG file extension have higher quality than pictures with the JPG file extension. If possible, avoid uploading images with file extensions other than PNG .
Adding content
  • Do not create mainspace articles just to post your ideas, thoughts, et cetera. These things belong in blog posts and comment sections. Also try to avoid making any pages at all without permission from an administrator unless you are an official member of AoAO.

Official Members

  • Mvp333 (Leader, Story/Plot Design, Ideas, LEGO design, music, Unity (not coding))

Once AoAO moves out of its planning phase and into development (pre-alpha) we will need coders, modelers/animators, composers, and more. If you can model/animate, code, compose, or do anything else useful to the game development process, then feel free to put a request to join on Mvp333's wall, along with a sample of your work (if possible).

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