The Alliance of Acrea, or Acrean Alliance, is an organized group of trained Minifigures that harness the power of Creativity in various ways. They have three main leaders (Who are also the leaders of the Acrean Alliance's main Divisions), Seniri Rathanur, leader of the Aura Division, Antares Mirach, the leader of the Imaginate division, and Danar Greyshield of the Obsidian division. The Alliance's main base is located on an island in the Alpha Ring. Other, smaller bases and outposts exist on various worlds.


The Alliance of Acrea is composed of three major and a number of minor Divisions.

The major divisions are:

  • Aura, a group dedicated to learning about and harnessing the full potential of pure Creativity and its ability to control other energies. Their gear's style is similar to that of various types of magic-users, though they do not use "magic" per se.
  • The Imaginate, a division that does most of the building work for the Alliance, and on the planet Acrea in general.
  • Obsidian, the primary defense force. Though the technology in their gear is cutting-edge, the style of Obsidian's weapons and protective gear resembles medieval arms and armor.

One notable minor Division is the Acrean Public Transportation Division, a division that Jordan Nea works for.